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The 3P’s of YOUR Travels Across Hoptown

Places! . . . People! . . . Photo-op! What do these 3 words have in common you might ask?

Each one is an integral element in your travel and tourism experience right here in Hopkinsville and Christian County!

Whether it’s a tour across a local farm to learn more about agriculture and take in a round of mini-golf, or a stay at one of our fine hotels or bed and breakfasts, or catching a delicious dinner or yummy ice cream . . . every tourism attraction, every lodging option, every restaurant and dining spot comes together to build a one-of-a-kind visitor experience across all of Hopkinsville and Christian County!

The people who staff each destination you spend time at . . . the new friendships that are made among visitors just like you . . . the family members and friends who get to join in your travels and experience these uniquely authentic moments right beside you . . . all of these blend together to create memories of Hopkinsville and Christian County that will last a lifetime!

Smile and say cheese! Who doesn’t love a great photo-op?! From photos for your family scrapbook to prime selfie spots, Hopkinsville and Christian County is filled with scenic locales and attractions perfect for capturing all of your travel memories!

Come check out all of the incredible events and adventures you’ll find across our community—and be sure to share your pics with us as you #VisitHopkinsville !

Happy Travels from your Visit Hopkinsville Team!

Learning About Breakfast at Christian Way Farm & Mini Golf


Kentucky Hot Brown Fries at Seafood King


Kennedy Family at Visitors Center