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Welcome to Hopkinsville!

Those might sound like three simple words, but here in Hoptown, as we’re affectionately known, they mean so much more. We take genuine pride in our southern hospitality and know you’ll feel like a local in no time.

Check out a local restaurant for food that is farm-to-fork fresh, and wash it down with a craft spirit or brew. Go 120 feet below the surface at Kentucky’s only full-service scuba diving quarry. Explore the supernatural by learning more about the Sleeping Prophet or Kelly Green Men. Catch a show at the historic Alhambra Theatre, where arts and culture come to life with local and national performances. Whether this is your first trip to Hoptown, or you’re a regular, we encourage you to check out the great events, restaurants, attractions, and scenery while you are here.

“The early settlers dreamed that if Eastern Kentucky was good, and Central Kentucky was better, there was yet another part of Kentucky that was best of all. That land became Christian County.”

Charles M. Meacham, 1930.