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Pumpkins and Cider and Hayrides – Oh My!

Pumpkin-pickin’ with family . . . stirring up delightful apple cider . . . football with your pals. Scenic drives to scope out the most gorgeous fall foliage . . . hayrides through the cool fall air . . . carving that perfect jack-o-lantern. These seasonal traditions can only mean one thing – Autumn is about to begin!

Each year, we experience four changes of seasons, with the first day of Autumn being marked by the Fall Equinox. According to , this day sees the sun as rising at exactly due east and setting at exactly due west. In the Northern Hemisphere we see day and night that are each about 12 hours long.

We’re looking forward to more of nature’s fall fun here in Hopkinsville and Christian County—so as you plan your next visit, be sure to fill your itinerary with as many of these amazing attractions as you can!