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Twin Oaks Woodworking

  • address 14812 Newstead Rd., Herndon, KY 42236

Located in Herndon, KY, Twin Oaks Woodworking is a one-stop source for quality cabinets that are designed, handcrafted, and installed in homes throughout Christian, Trigg, Todd, and Hopkins Counties in Kentucky and Montgomery County in Tennessee.

In addition to custom-built cabinets, Twin Oaks Woodworking offers a wide range of new and used furniture pieces for bedrooms, kitchens, and living spaces.

Stop by and see the Twin Oaks Team working in their on-location workshop, creating new cabinets and furniture pieces, while taking the time to complete restoration projects for items that still have some years in them. Next door to the workshop, there is a extensive showroom of new and used furniture, as well as variety store selections.